Sam Bergquist grew up with two older sisters who loved to sing, especially in the back seat of the family station wagon. It drove him crazy, until one Christmas morning, when he was ten years old, and he unwrapped a new cassette tape player. His first instinct? Go off to a quiet place and secretly hum some words into it! The tape still exists, and the words Bergquist sang “We've come a long long way,” are more fitting to this stage in Bergquist's life then his ten year old version.   Bergquist grew up under the spell of Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Joni Mitchell, songwriters who could get to the bottom of things with lyrics at the heart of it. Early on, he busked in Boston subways, recorded his first LP, “Songs from the Red Line,” and played local clubs. As a lead singer/songwriter for the country/blues band, “Loose Change Boston,” Bergquist performed in some of the area's iconic clubs, including “Johnny D's” and “The House of Blues,” in Cambridge. In 2023 Bergquist came full circle with a solo EP, “Wiser Then,” - “A subtly brilliant EP that marks the reemergence of a uniquely gifted songwriter.” - Cody Conard - The Big Takeover. A retired public school elementary teacher of thirty two years, Bergquist has learned a few things about people over the years. “Writing a song that feels true, that's the best part, getting others to feel something. If you work hard enough sometimes it happens."